“Drive your dream”

Matugga Mabanda opposite Semuto Road, Semuto Building Level 1, Rm A2

Meet Our Dedicated Team

At Penueri Construction (U) LTD, we take pride in our exceptional team of professionals who bring passion, expertise, and innovation to every construction project. Get to know the individuals who drive our success:

Managing Partner

Ivan N. brings a wealth of experience in construction management and a strategic mindset that propels our company forward

Technical Partner

A driving force behind our technical innovation, James G. Ssekimpi is a seasoned expert in construction technology and engineering.

Administrative Partner

Racheal is the backbone of our administrative operations, overseeing the seamless coordination of projects and ensuring the efficiency of our day-to-day activities

Principal Partner

Paul plays a pivotal role in steering our financial strategies with a focus on sustainability and growth.